Step 5 – Your Development Path

After completing Steps 3 and 4, responding to the questions and capturing key aspects of your OD journey—from where you have come and to where you hope to go—the Step 5 form will be generated and automatically populated with all the competences, showing how you rated each competence relative to its importance at this point of your OD professional journey.

Beneath the competence label and rating are five columns to help guide your reflections around that competence, thinking especially about the knowledge, skills and value elements that contribute to each competence. You are able to select those elements on which you want to focus by selecting them from the drop-down menu under the five columns. When you select an element and press the ‘Add row’ button, that element will be added to the first ‘Areas for development’ column.

Once you have selected those competences and individual elements, they will be your developmental priorities over the coming months. The invitation is to use the stem sentences at the top of each column to help focus your thinking and planning. The intention is to help bring clarity and self-accountability to your professional development journey as you populate the columns with your thoughts and notes.

At any point along the way you can press the download button to create a pdf file of your work which you can print or use however might be helpful as you consider your OD aspirations and professional progress.

It bears repeating and is important to bear in mind that professional development is an iterative process, unique to every individual OD practitioner. Rather than be overwhelmed by all the elements and options, the best way forward is to focus only on those areas that are of particular interest or value to you, without worrying about all the other possibilities. Over time, as you have opportunities and interests, you can revisit the OD app and invest your energy into further competences.

Audio Instruction

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You can download any step that includes tables/forms for you to review offline or print.

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