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Julie Beedon

Julie Beedon was a founding director of VISTA Consulting Team Limited. VISTA began in 1995 with the specific intention of specialising in whole system approaches to leadership and organizational transformation. Over the years, working with a vast range of clients, Julie has found that combining the speed and power of large-group working, with innovative and participative development tools, creates high levels of engagement, commitment, and involvement within organizations. It is her belief that the work should be done by the organization and that the role of the consultant is to bring expertise about what it is possible for them to do and achieve.

Julie’s specific skill set includes designing and facilitating large-scale interactive processes, strategy development and implementation, team development (often with smaller leadership teams before beginning any large-scale transformation within organizations) and organizational design. She is known worldwide as one of the few leading proponents able to bring the best of large-scale methodologies to a bespoke design for organizations. Her meeting facilitation and design expertise means nothing is left to chance and that extraordinary results can be achieved in short time frames. Her energy and enthusiasm is as infectious as her knowledge and commitment.

A key competence is in the co-creation of processes which bring together a ‘critical mass’ of an organization (or community) and its key stakeholders to produce vision, energy, and commitment to create faster system-wide change. This approach has proven effective in developing new ways of doing business that engage people in working together on innovations and improvements, producing tangible results whilst reducing costs and improving the quality of working life.

Julie co-authored the book You Don’t Have to Do It Alone, with Robert W. (Jake) Jacobs ( creator of Real Time Strategic Change), and Richard and Emily Axelrod (creators of The Conference Model). She is also co-author of Meetings by Design – a survival guide for anyone and everyone who has ever endured a meeting!

Julie is a member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science and is a Co-Dean and Co-Director on the UK OD Certificate Programme. She is also a member of the Duke Corporate Education Educator Network and has served on the Board of ODN Europe and the European Organisation Design Forum.

Large Group Intervention (LGI)

LGIs are methods by which all the stakeholders in a system may contribute their voices to change processes, designed to ensure that voices and perspectives are heard and integrated, and new understandings can emerge—processes that involve the whole system in a journey of discovery and co-creation

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