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Sue Ries Lamb

Sue Ries Lamb recently retired after 40 years of national and international organization development and change management consulting experience. She has worked with all types of organizations from high-tech start-ups to utilities in business for over 40 years; from syrup bottling plants to bio-defense scientific institutes; from global corporations to land-based communes.

Her areas of consulting specialization include: organization development and change management; work process redesign; leadership for cultural change; diversity, equity and inclusion programs; executive and managerial coaching; women in management; teambuilding; and retreat planning and facilitation.

She has served on the faculty of graduate programs in organization management at the NTL/JFK University and the California Institute for Integral Studies, teaching courses in managing organization change, group process and power and influence. She also helped design and served as a lead facilitator for a seven-year nation-rebuilding project for the country of Afghanistan under the aegis of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

As the Chief Learning Officer for Win Insights, Sue co-created a comprehensive, web-based interactive learning management system focused on global diversity and inclusion challenges to help executives, managers, HR professionals and employees develop the strategies, skills and sensitivities needed to engage effectively across differences of race, gender identity and expression, age, nationality, generation, religion, sexual orientation and class.

As a professional member of NTL Institute, she has served as the dean and staff member of several NTL programs, including their flagship Human Interaction Laboratories, Moving from Training to Consulting, Socio-Technical Systems: Organization Redesign and Training Program in Laboratory Education. She was the principal designer and serves as the dean of NTL’s Transforming Through T-Groups training-of-trainers program and has served as the Steward for NTL’s Core Lab Community of Practice, overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of T-Group based programs.

Since retirement, Sue has remained active with NTL programs and has also been active in various anti-racism efforts, including the design and facilitation of a series of six two-hour Dialogue Sessions to provide opportunities for White people to think about, discuss and take selective action to support anti-racism at the individual, interpersonal and institutional levels.

Sue would be happy to respond to questions about NTL T-Group training programs and/or to provide coaching support to those who are engaged in developing their T-Group competencies.

Human Interaction Labs

HI labs bring small groups together for a period of time to learn about themselves and their interactions with others via an experience-based learning environment, giving and receiving feedback, assessing the impact of their actions and behaviours, and observing how roles, norms, decisions and power emerge

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