Specialism Contributor

Gwen Stirling-Wilkie

Pioneering virtual and hybrid approaches to CONSULT / FACILITATE / COACH / EDUCATE / CHALLENGE / SUPPORT

I work with Executive leaders and senior leadership teams to help them to move things forward; develop and bring their strategy to life; and to engage and enliven their people. I do this through dialogue-centred approaches. By dialogue, I mean different ways of thinking and exploring together.

Sometimes this is through facilitating large group conversations, sometimes this is through a structured development programme, sometimes this is through 1:1 coaching and consultancy.

This is an exciting time for us, the world is changing around us faster than we can keep up, so we need to be at our best, we need to draw on our collective brilliance and our organisation’s wisdom to weave our way through to success.

The answers are no longer held with one person at the top of the organisation, yet that notion challenges many leaders to the core, those who have risen to be successful through their expertise and intellect. There is a new wave of adaptive leadership and dialogic transformation approaches that are emerging and which get results.

At the heart of these is the recognition that the art of relating and interacting is fundamental in successful transformation, performance, and growth. We don’t talk enough at work. Yes, we share our views, thoughts, information and ideas with other people; yes, we pretend to listen, but only for the gap in the conversation so we can put our own views across. How often to we really talk? I mean a proper exchange where I am genuinely open to being shaped by what you say, and when I sense that you are open to being shaped by hearing me. How often do we really listen? Transformative listening, that shows you I really hear what you are saying. That is the nature of true dialogue and it’s at the heart of my work with senior leaders, their teams, and the organisations I work with.

I’ve launched Seeds of Transformation to pioneer new approaches in how we can TRANSFORM, PERFORM AND GROW in our professional lives as we seek to find our place to develop, thrive, and make a difference.

Virtual OD Facilitation

Virtual OD Facilitation is the ability to design and implement constructive group conversations entirely online using a virtual digital platform. These could be workshops, meetings, ideation sessions, events, or any other name given to a container that gets created and facilitated

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